January Blog: Melt Away the Winter Fat with truSculpt iD

A brand new year is here! Join us in our Brighter Me 2023 theme as we spill the tea on all things happening Behind the Glow.

With decreased sun exposure and body-revealing attire, winter makes the best time to schedule your Med Spa treatments. This January we are highlighting one of our favorite winter services that we know will peak your body sculpting interest.

truSculpt iD may be the treatment of choice if you are looking for some fine-tuning on that summer body. We spoke with the experts to get answers to your most common questions.

What is truSculpt id?
truSculpt is a non-invasive radio frequency technology that delivers deep heat to adipose tissue for fat reduction and skin tightening.

What areas are the results most prominent?
truSculpt works in many areas such as upper and lower abdomen, hips, flanks, inner and outer thighs, arms, chin, and more.

How long does each treatment take?
Each treatment takes about 15 minutes.

What does it feel like?
During treatment the temperature of your skin will rise, but remain very comfortable.

What should I expect at my first appointment at Dr. Dell Smith’s Med Spa?
At your first appointment we will discuss your goal areas, providing an explanation of how truSculpt iD treatment works with expectations of results & follow up instructions.

Is there any down time after the treatment?
There is no down time following the treatment.

How many treatments until I see results?
The number of treatments are individualized.

When will I see the results?
After receiving treatment the damaged fat cells are slowly broken down and eliminated from the treated area over a 12 week period during which time results are typically seen.

What sets truSculpt apart from other similar services?
truSculpt allows you to personalize your body with non-surgical body sculpting treatments. It’s comfortable, reliable, and is clinically proven to eliminate fat cells and decrease circumference in your flanks. truSculpt uses innovative monopolar RF technology to target, fat cells and simultaneously tighten the skin.