Zach Med Spa


Non-invasive skin treatment

This service provides minimally invasive skin tightening, resurfacing, acne treatment, and increased collagen production.  It can be used to target the subnormal layers of skin and tissue on the face and body, reaching to a depth of 8 millimeters to remodel adipose tissue.

Post Procedure Instructions

It is important to follow ALL PRE-TREATMENT AND POST-TREATMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Failure to comply with these instructions may increase the probability of complications!!!
  • Occlusive ointment will be applied directly after treatment. You may use Aquaphor at home
  • Antibiotics are not necessary. However, if there is any indication of infection, excessive swelling, redness, undue pain, or any other unusual symptom please contact our office at (208) 735-8386
  • Tiny scabs may appear 1-3 days after the treatment. The scabs should not be touched or picked off and allowed to flake off naturally
  • The day of treatment and the day following, the skin should be kept clean to avoid infection and Aquaphor ointment should be used. Any mechanical or thermal damage should be avoided
  • Prophylactic antiviral therapy will be provided to those who experience cold sores
  • Moisturizer and makeup may be applied 48 hours after treatment
  • Use a high-factor sunscreen for at least one month after the treatment
Woman happy with her face.