Rejuvapen Post-Treatment Instructions


Post-treatment instructions are fairly simple for a Rejuvapen treatment. Everybody goes home with an actual copy of these instructions, so if you forget, you can refer back to your paper or you can call our office if you ever have questions!

After the treatment, you can use any moisturizer of your choice. Brittany, our skin specialist, will actually put a topical on you, a moisturizer, and then some sunscreen. After you leave your treatment it’s your job to wash your face with a nice gentle soap- nothing really aggressive or with acids in it like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or a Retin-A.

Something super gentle like Dove soap or Phytomer face wash will do the trick! Phytomer products are all-natural so you’re not getting any abrasive topicals in those. After one week you can go back to your normal routine, whatever you use. If you’re a Retin-A user or OBAGI–  those have salicylic acid in their cleansers, so just wait a week.

You’re going to want to wear sunscreen when you’re outside. It’s especially important that first week, but we definitely want you to use sunscreen for at least three weeks. Our recommendation is that you’re always using sunscreen. What’s important too, is that reapplication. A lot of times we think, “I put on my sunscreen this morning. I’m good to go.” If you’re outside, you should reapply every 90 minutes.

You are going to be heat sensitive so you’re probably not really gonna want to be in the sun. So definitely wear a hat, sunscreen, and multiple applications. No tanning for two weeks. That goes for tanning outside, tanning in tanning beds, or even topical lotion tanners. You can really hold onto that pigment in those little microinjection sites and it’s just not a good idea to use lotion tanners.

You can wear makeup right away if you’d like to. Our skin specialist likes to wait 24 hours. She says, “I just feel like, we just cleaned the skin and opened all the stuff up so I just like to leave it alone for at least 24 hours and then go back to regular makeup.”

Something that you can expect after the treatment is what we have termed “tracking.” Sometimes you can see little red dots or bruising if you will, that look like little tracks. It’s really more common underneath the eyes and on the forehead where it’s a little bonier. That might hang on 24 to 48 hours and that will subside.

You’ll be as red as you’re going to be directly after the treatment and it will subside quite a bit throughout the day. You will hang onto a little bit of redness for several days which some like, like a healthy glow. You’ll be heat sensitive, so when you’re outside you’re going to feel the heat in your face. When you’re in the shower you’re gonna feel the heat in your face just like you have a sunburn. That’s similar to how it feels. You can cool your skin with whatever you want- after sun care, aloe vera, etc. Those are all nice and soothing topicals that you can use.

Some people experience flaking. Not everybody experiences flaking, so that’s not an indication if you had a good treatment or not. It’s just what kind of condition is your skin in and how aggressive the treatment was. A lot of patients tend to flake around the mouth, but Brittany is really heavy-handed because most patients are coming in, in regards to skin laxity, facial aging, fine lines, and usually, that’s around the mouth where we get the most action. Multiple passes are done there and the pen is applied as deep as patients can tolerate, so typically that’s where they’re gonna flake.

You can moisturize that as much as you want. Typically, if you have a peel, a lot of times your person giving you the treatment will tell you, “Let yourself peel.” That’s not necessary with Rejuvapen, so you can put on as much moisturizer as you want to alleviate that.

Something uncommon is swelling. That can occur. It’s not very common, but it can, and usually, it’s right under the eye where the skin’s a little more delicate and sensitive. If you do have swelling, you can treat it with any over-the-counter antihistamines like Benadryl or Cortisone cream. Of course, call us if you think that it’s excessive or not normal.


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