November Blog: Bloom or Groom

We care about your hair!

Tis the season for hair in the air. Bloom or groom, we have you covered–errr uncovered…

Bloom: Give me all the hair!
timulating hair growth can be done with the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is derived from the bloodstream and has been used for years to treat musculoskeletal conditions, and more recently, skin conditions. Colloquially termed “vampire” treatments, PRP injected into the skin or used after micro-needling (a technique that uses small needles to create microscopic skin wounds) may help to improve skin texture and appearance. Recently, PRP has garnered attention as a promising solution for one of the most challenging problems in dermatology: hair loss. Platelets are one of four primary components of blood (the other three are red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma). Platelets promote cell growth and regeneration. As the term “platelet-rich plasma” suggests, platelets are generally about five times more concentrated in PRP than in regular blood. This concentration of platelets is useful because platelets secrete growth factors that are thought to assist in wound healing and tissue regrowth.

Groom: Hair is gone! Laser hair removal is a popular option for unwanted hair. Hair follicles live in the dermis layer of the skin. Also known as the middle layer. Laser energy reaches into this layer searching for dark colored hair follicles. As the energy is absorbed by the shaft of the hair it pulses into the follicle rendering it dormant. Laser hair removal is a long-lasting form of hair removal that damages or destroys the hair follicle.