Female Genitalia Surgery

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Female Genitalia Surgery


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Due to child birth, injury or recovery from disease, the reduction of both labia may be necessary.  Labiaplasty is usually an out-patient procedure with local anesthesia.  However, Dr. Smith may have to determine if local or general anesthesia is necessary.  It’s important that you consult with Dr. Smith to see if labiaplasty is right for you.  Laser vaginal and soft tissue tightening come with many rewarding benefits.  These procedures are on our horizon.


Over time the mons can inflate or enlarge. This can be corrected with fat grafting or suction.


The Labiamajora can deflate and make it uncomfortable to ride horses, ride a bike or other such activities. Fat grafting usually causes significant relief.


Large or redundant labiaminora can cause significant pain and discomfort with bike riding, horseback riding, sexual activity, and hygiene. Nearly 100% of patients are very satisfied with this procedure.